About Us

Chalani is from Sri Lanka. She likes South Asian literature, food and is a professional online stalker of celebrities. She finds herself reflected in the characters of R.K Narayan novels. Her hobbies include reading, writing, eating and in the remaining time critiquing the odd habits and cultures of post-colonial societies. 

Nazreen is an Indian who considers herself an international nomad. In her gypsy life, she has always lived by the motto, 'There can never be too much cheese'. She enjoys travelling, writing poetry, trying out Indian variants of international cuisines and watching cat videos on YouTube.  She is proud of her layered identity and refuses to confine herself to any one label. 

Chalani and Nazreen studied Media and Communication in a remote, previously undocumented region, in a far corner of Malaysia. After,studying, procrastinating and surviving three years of their undergrad together, they applied to LSE and became room mates!

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